Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Take on Adya Clarity

Recently I had someone submit a question. What were my results with Adya Clarity?

I should preface this by saying I have an abnormal immune system and don't usually respond to medications or supplements as expected. However, I did not expect to actually get worse. I took Adya Clarity for several months in conjunction with a very low glycemic/carbohydrate diet. I ate primarily vegetables with some nuts and seeds. After a few months I was so bored of my food and decided to try a piece of fruit. That was met with excruciating pain. Then I tried some cooked quinoa. Again, I felt a lot of pain.

I started to lose hair, was extremely fatigued, and my skin got really dry. I started getting desperate and listened to my doctor's suggestion that perhaps a little bit of meat once a week to every couple weeks may not be a bad idea. I struggled with my ethics and compromised them because I felt like I was dying. It's also easier to blame how you feel physically on something you can control - like food. Everything hurt. But meat was not the solution. In fact, it made matters worse. I tried some meat and ended up stuck in a baseball stadium stall evacuating both ends. It was epic.

I stayed on the low carbohydrate, vegan diet (I had no choice) and took stool tests to see if I had bacterial or parasite problems. Then my doctor put me on ketotifen. He felt that my mast cells were releasing histamines and attacking my small intestines in particular. Mast cells are most prevalent in the lungs, skin, and small intestines. I had developed asthma for the first time since my childhood. I had rashes on my back. My small intestines were killing me any time I tried to eat something out of my steadily restrictive diet.

The test results came back and showed that the candida I was trying to improve with Adya Clarity actually got far worse. I had intestinal bleeding and other results that indicated inflammation in the large and small intestines. The ketotifen calmed things down significantly and now I'm on Amphotericin, which is an anti-fungal that doesn't permeate the intestinal wall. I suspect that it's not going to do the trick. I was on Nystatin recently and it didn't clear things up. I'll probably end up moving on to Diflucan. I'm still on a vegan diet, and happily committed to a vegan lifestyle. Right now, I'm on day 2 of a green juice fast. My stomach is bugging me again as I fell off the wagon and had one cookie this weekend and then couldn't make it to the bus. I'm planning on at least 3 days of the green juice with plenty of probiotics and Amphotericin.

I figure even if I find a medication that works, I will probably have to stay on a low carb diet except for a few treats very occasionally and my doctor thinks I may have to go on a preventative (either herbal or medication). He feels my immune system is missing a factor that helps target candida. All those symptoms of hair loss, fatigue, dry skin? That wasn't really malnutrition. It was candida overgrowth.

I'm not someone who is out to disprove the claims about Adya Clarity. It may really work for some people. It didn't work for me.


  1. Thanks for the run down. Pun? You've quite the challenge. I still eat (some) sugary stuff and have no where near the difficulty. Who knows about the clarity... it appears to be objective regarding the treatment of water external to the body.
    You might consider MMS. I took some last night. I also regularly take grapefruit seed extract, oil of oregano and extra virgin coconut oil. All this will work on candida.
    You may have something undiagnosed that's Allowing For the over growth (say heavy metals). After perusing the matter I found that the body Needs Some of this muck (yeast).
    May your higher self see you through. May sound odd but I'd be willing to bet an professional vedic astrologer could find this underlying problem or tendency towards affliction.
    I've my own challenges, which for me are mostly in the damn head apparently - could be all the mercury. Those chemtrails above don't help things!

    Regards, Mark (massachusetts)

  2. Sorry to hear of your troubles. :( I used Adya Clarity and had great results. I consider it my medicine now. Hope you find solution.

    Thanks for the post which mentions Dimondhealth.com. I wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise.


  3. hi niki, i found your blog because i was researching adya clarity. i don't have any illnesses, but was led to believe this stuff was really great from "therawfoodworld"....so like thousands of other people i bought 4 large bottles of it during the sale this last year. i am not sure about this stuff yet....sorry to hear that it may have made your health worse.

    have you heard of the book "the healing code"?

    it is by Alex Loyd, ND and Ben Johnson, MD. i just bought it because i stress about certain physical things that aren't working in my life and wanted to heal from them. i think it is a good book and you can order it from amazon. it does take time each day to do the exercises, but i think if you work it into a practice it could be helpful for you. you can go to their website and read testimonials from people who have been doing the codes and are being cured from major illnesses. well, i just wanted to pass that along to you! wishing you all good things, pamela

  4. It is a minefield out there isn't it?! A mindfield too!!
    I've avoided being too particular about sticking to a diet so far, but now, fourteen years on, I am giving one a proper go. Quinoa, tofu, flaxseed, blueberries, coconut water, no meat, no fish at the moment...
    Er... no difference so far, except I have lost half a stone :) Feel a bit dreary, but I like to persist with things for a good long while before giving up!

  5. Hi Cami,

    I too tried Adya Clarity for my candida overgrowth and it did nothing for me. At least for the candida. I think it depends on WHY a candida overgrowth developed in a persons body.
    I was recently directed to something called Oxysilver. I have not been using it long, so I can't tell you if it is helping my candida or not. I almost hate to say this, but I actually do feel a bit better. I've been so disappointed in the past with all of this search. I am also on a vegan diet. High raw and low fat. Lots of fruit, which I have not had in almost two years! As it was explained to me, fruit is very healing and proviveds us with lots of needed minerals. But in order to keep the candida from going wild with the sugar, you need to keep fat intake very low. Pnce the candida is under control you can then add more plant fats in. Like avacado. I have a blog as well baout my own healing journey. http://curingcandidanaturally.wordpress.com
    I'd love to keep in touch to share or progress with one another!
    I'll say a prayer for you :)


  6. I was searching for Adya clarity and your blog came up. With yeast the important thing is to build up the immune system. You can do that by: a healthy organic,sugar-free,probiotic diet, exercise,meditation and sleep are very important in building the immune system and balance within the body. You need to find what works for you. I highly recommend the book the key to quantum health http://www.theshawnstevensonmodel.com/the-key-to-quantum-health/

  7. Have you tried a bio-ressonance hair test and homeopathic remedy from that to see if that aids your healing? Or just the hair testing as it might highlight a few areas as to where the underlying issue is for you? It worked to show what was up with my dog, tho it did help for a little part but pressure to try drugs and have open lump removed caused her to go down hill rapidly, as her body could no longer take it and the disease took over (due to drugs stress from op)

    The other thing I suggest doing is Transformation breath work, as I have done it and it has helped get more oxygen into my gut which helps digestion, many people have used this breath work to help heal themselves of issues in the body, via the connected breath, yet that is the starting point of transformational breathing.

  8. hi!!
    I read in another one of your blog posts, that you were doing heavy metal testing while you were taking the adya clarity there is now knowledge that aluminum sulfate is one of the main ingredients in this product, Can you please let me know if you or your doctor noticed any influx of heavy metals while taking this product?

  9. I have fibro. I did Lufenuron and paleo to get rid of candida - it worked. Am also on LDN, very helpful for flares. Wonder if you've heard of these - they helped me a lot. Just started Adya, impressed with what it's done for the gut so far but remain skeptical. Your post has me scared.